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What to look for when hiring a magician

Magicians have become a very popular and different option when hiring entertainment for a party or special event. People hire magicians for kid’s parties, festivals, schools, corporate events, libraries, adult parties, etc.

When you decide to hire a magician, you need to ask yourself what you want from the magician for your party. It is different to hire a magician for a kid’s birthday party than for a festival or a strolling cocktail party?

How to decide to hire a magician

There are many factors to know before you hire a magician:

A high price does not always indicate that a magician is full-time and/or truly professional. The price is a great indication whether the magician is an amateur or full-time professional. Our magicians range from part-time to full-time and majority of them are part of IBM and SAM.


Make sure to hire the right magician for your type of event. There are different themes, styles, venues, audiences, etc. that should all be considered before hiring the right magician. For example, a clown during an adult cocktail party may be memorable, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

Hiring a magician for kid’s party
Children are hard customers to impress. They have technology available to them 24/7 that makes them able to decide on the entertainment they want to watch. A true professional magician has the ability to captivate a young audience for about 45 minutes. A magician needs to be full of energy and be an all-around entertainer who can think on their feet. They need to be a positive person, who loves their job and wants to build up the self-esteem of the children.

Hiring a magician for a Kid’s birthday party
When hiring a magician for a kid’s birthday party, look for someone who has experience or specializes in children’s parties.

  1. To entertain the guests, consider the age of the children. Are the kids, including the birthday child, old enough to enjoy the show (usually, 4 years old and older)?
  2. If the birthday child is 4 years old or older, do you want a kid’s magic show where the birthday child is the star of the show?
  3. Ask how the magician interacts with the kids and keeps the kid’s attention full time.
  4. Even though the show is for the kids, ask if the parents will enjoy the show. They may enjoy watching the kids having fun during the show, and they also might get to participate.

Hiring a magician for a school magic show
The way the magicians work for a school or summer camp magic show needs to be different. To hire a magician for a school or summer camp ask:

  1. Can the magician handle many kids at the same time?
  2. Is the magician able to provide proof of a background check?
  3. Are there tricks during the show that work as educational tools for the kids?
  4. How does the magician interact with the kids?

Hiring a magician for a general party like holidays or festivals

The magic show needs to be fast-moving and interactive and the magician needs to have the capacity to handle any situation, like the weather, audience, environment, place, number of people, etc. For example, if you hire a magician for a festival on the stage, and it starts to rain, the magician needs to be ready to jump to an alternative solution for the customer. That is why you are hiring a professional magician. The magician is an entertainer who can perform a magic show on stage, in a small setting or perform table by table with close-up magic.

Hiring a magician for an adult party
When hiring a magician for an adult party, there are a couple of factors that go into the search for the right entertainer. Are there going to be children present at the party as well? If so, does the magician need to have a routine ready for them as well?

If you’re looking to hire a comedic magician, the age group is something to consider and something you should tell the magician so he or she can provide an act that suits the party. Just because the party may be all adults, that doesn’t mean the comedy needs to be raunchy or have a swear word every other word. The magician should be able to tailor an act specifically for the audience they are preforming in front of.

Hiring a magician for corporations.
When hiring entertainment for a corporate event, the act show be pretty fast paced and interactive. Business professionals are used to being in control, having things given to them quickly and to the point, and usually in a very serious, high stress environment. The magician should be able to take these professionals out of their element and show them a good time. Strolling magic or close-up tricks are best for small groups, while stage magic would be best for larger groups.

Timing is of the essence, as per usual in business. If the magician has only 30 minutes or so, in a room of 100 people, strolling magic might be the best option to have the magician walk around to smaller groups for minutes at a time then move onto the next group. You might want to consider hiring 2 or 3 magicians if it’s a larger group.


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