Starline Magician preview


At StarLine Magicians, we provide everything that is needed to create a magnificent show.  We’re all about magic! We have a storage room full of different theme props and décor that we can supply for your event.  Decorations include, but are not limited to- oversized cards, dice, magic wand & hat, magical stars, rabbit popping out of a hat all ranging anywhere from 4 to 8 feet. Feel free to take a look at our Theme Props & Décor page! Backdrops and evening murals are also offered to really pull you into our world of StarLine Magicians! We want to feel the magic!

Entertaining all over the tri-state area, StarLine Magicians has it ALL and does it all for YOU! We offer all different magic performance styles such as Children’s Magic, Close up/Strolling, and Illusion/Stage that are FULL of constant excitement and leave you with unforgettable magic entertainment. We are here to provide the best of the best!

Each one of our magicians arrive fully equipped with all props necessary to WOW your audience, leaving one less thing on your list of things to do! We continue to provide FIVE-STAR entertainment for any size business or corporation, as well as offering our beneficial team-building and fundraising events! When your happy, we’re happy! Allow us to take the stage at your next event and we GUARANTEE to create a positive and energized atmosphere!

We are proud to announce that our talented magicians are a part of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians, and always perform in professional attire. Each show is full of excitement, suspense, and audience members are invited to participate during the show!We want the entire crowd to feel part of the show! So, what are you waiting for? StarLine Magicians is ready to work with you, and with our magic touch we will provide 100% customer satisfaction.